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Using information and research to:

1. Break unspoken, undiscussed silences for workplace excellence (collegiality, efficiency, retention)

2. Install useful silence for well-being and performance enhancement (via mindful pausing and sanctuary space)

Silence in schools and universities

I advise schools, universities and large libraries about working with positive, strong, chosen silence. 

Silence permeates life and is a natural right. But now we suffer from the destruction of this element because of the ways of modern life. We have lost understanding of the necessary place of silence in our lives.

This affects education detrimentally. 

There is also a weak understanding of how silence can be beneficial. If we understand what silence can be for us and how to use it best, we can benefit from greater peace of mind and greater efficiency of work and interactions. We can enjoy life more and succeed more. We can, importantly, make the most of education.

I offer consultancy for those interested to install and develop cultures which facilitate positive, strong uses of silence for benefits.

Silence in Schools by Dr Helen E Lees.    

Silence in Schools by Dr Helen E Lees.



Lees makes the case for silence to be recognised in the school setting, and not seen as defective and dysfunctional. (Jackie Cosh Education Writer, University of Glasgow, PressData)

...a very helpful book for practitioners and schools because of its wealth of examples, and because of its engaging style. (Jacqueline Watson Cambridge Journal of Education, 43:3, July 2013 2013-07-30)

...examines how silence can change the ethos and culture of schools. ... Highly recommended. (S.T. Schroth, Knox College Choice 2013-06-00)

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