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Using information and research to:

1. Break unspoken, undiscussed silences for workplace excellence (collegiality, efficiency, retention)

2. Install useful silence for well-being and performance enhancement (via mindful pausing and sanctuary space)

Silence for business

My work with silence for education can be used by businesses for enhanced performance. Business is a sector where a little bit more calm can sometimes go a long way.

Advice ranges from the best placed and designed 'feel' of installation of sanctuary pods, to policies on siesta taking, to deliberate pausing strategy in important group meetings for improved communication (often useful for diverse, multi-ethnic, multi-lingual employee groups). The overall purpose is to lessen the 'hectic' pace of some industries as a lived experience for employees.

Get in touch to discuss specific business-based needs; how silence can improve your organisation as a workplace and possibly enhance employee performance.