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Using information and research to:

1. Break unspoken, undiscussed silences for workplace excellence (collegiality, efficiency, retention)

2. Install useful silence for well-being and performance enhancement (via mindful pausing and sanctuary space)


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Helen Lees

Hi - I also have an artistic career where I draw and paint in silence, with silence, depicting forms of silence. It takes a while to draw some of the pictures I offer which is meditative and deliberately slow as an experience and as creation. I think this matters in a fast paced world. I like drawing and painting slowly. I also draw and paint fast!

Links to news on silence

Helen Lees

A lot is going on around silence at the moment, fueled by rising interest in mindfulness as a tool for well-being. Here are some links to intriguing developments:

And here are some recent media articles that are good and useful: