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Using information and research to:

1. Break unspoken, undiscussed silences for workplace excellence (collegiality, efficiency, retention)

2. Install useful silence for well-being and performance enhancement (via mindful pausing and sanctuary space)

Democratic interaction

... I received some great advice from Marshall Goldsmith, one of the preeminent authorities in the field of leadership. He told me this: ‘If you want to be an effective leader, listen to and accept with humility the feedback that comes from your team.’ The most fundamental commitment you have to make as a leader is to humbly listen to the input of others, take it seriously, and work to improve. Again, it sounds simple, but it’s not easy. Leadership, as Marshall always says, is a contact sport, and one has to constantly ask for and respond to advice from colleagues so you can improve.
— Jim Kim, current President at The World BankLinkedIn

Bringing the democratic in...


I offer professional development (small group workshops or 1-on-1 discussions) for senior business leaders. Using academic research (but without the abstraction or blinding theory language) I enable businesses to work better and more effectively with their employees. The key is the use of consent seeking, asking and achieving. Sounds simple. It isn't so easy...

This is a form of democratic interaction to improve relationships, productivity (with consent) and atmosphere in the workplace. It improves well-being in a variety of ways to do with feeling empowered, consulted and respected as an individual.